Apr 27

Justifying the Quranist / Quranism Labels

“Having previously been so very aware of sects within “Islam” and trying my hardest to avoid them, I fear I may have overcompensated by saying ‘ muslims don’t need a new name of “Quranist” ‘ as was my initial reaction to the term. Whilst saying “I am an not sunni, I am not shia, I am not in any sect, I am muslim alhamdulillah” which on the face of it is true, it avoids the core truth of the matter.

After understanding what it means to be a Quranist or to use one of the Quranist methodologies, it has become apparent to me that on a practical level, having a name/label/tag is essential for read more


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  1. toasty redhead

    Right on!

  2. toasty redhead

    Good points

  3. Anwar

    I am happy for you brother. I grew up Muslim. Hence, i grew up in the 'brotherhood' and then here i was in my late teens and 20's rejecting the hadeeth and re-evaluating even the term Islam itself! Not to mention re-evaluating all of those things Muslims take for granted: Salat, Ramadan, Hajj. It has been an awfully lonely journey for me and I've been rejected too many times to count along the way by my non-Quranist Muslim brothers and sisters. I find that in some circles rejecting hadeeth and sticking to the Quran (or atleast saying that) is not so frowned upon. But when you start questioning everything (especially the rituals), support quickly fades. People need stability and so far Quranists with our constant questioning and re-evaluating have caused serious confusion and anger in the Sunni/Shia/Sufi community. I have even had issues with AHMADIS!!! My search for truth as a Quranist has drawn me back closer to some traditonal ideas of Salat, Ramadan, Hajj, Hadeeth and even calling myself Muslim, although on much, much different terms than Sunnis, Shias and Sufis. I'm still a Quranist and I'm still going strong. I'm just more silent and strategic about it now.

  4. Anwar

    I'm just glad to have had a positive effect. And thank you for this heartening site in what has been a very disheartening milleu for me. I've fought too many battles with other Quranists on free-minds and other sites. The term Quranist/Quranism and comprehension of Arabic grammar and the Arabic language i have found to be the two most insurmountable hurdles in all these years of writing, studying and talking on the subject. I've spent the past 6 years studying Arabic and working with Arabic in order to get over what I percieved as my shortcomings in Arabic. It was well worth it. I feel that the studying is not over though. I have got ahold of some tafsirs my mu'tazlites in Arabic and am tackling them (slowly given time constraints now). I find that searching for logical, Quranic tafseers yields vey helpful results. Also I have learned to appreciate all forms of Classical Arabic literature (the older the better) as helping tools to understand the subtleties in language of the Quran and also how the Quran applied to early Arab life. i have had a lot of my paradigms shift and errors put in check by having this open mentality. The Quran is a book that definitely continues to open itself the more you know. Not to mention that much knowledge has been buried away while rumor and traditions have flourished. Our task of tackling the errors and lies of early Muslims, understanding Arabic in order to understand how the early Arabs understood the Quran, of understanding what they may not have considered as well as letting the Quran's guidance take its course with the advancement of human society is a very big, yet important task. Despite that it is good to get people back onto the path no matter where on the path they get back on.

  5. poetreearborist

    I feel so happy to have found this site. It's very validating to have my perspective articulated by others. It helps me to discuss these touchy topics with my family, especially my husband who tries but finds it difficult to be open minded to my evolution in identity.

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