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The primary vision of Quranism is none other than the vision of islam itself. The meaning of ‘islam’ when articulated by the Quran is ‘attaining peace’ and ‘peace’ here is holistic, that is to say peace in all aspects of our lives. If we think about it, all human beings seek a state of peace. We are the same in that respect and only different in how we go about seeking that peace.

What makes Quranism distinct from the other ideologies is that it seeks to extract from the Quran a philosophy which will bring the above effect. It is different from other forms of Islam in the sense that it tries to make the Quran the sole source of that philosophy whereas the others acknowledge other sources as divine sources.

Quranists seek to bring into the world a state of peace. We would like to see justice and equality in the world and an end to corruption, exploitation and oppression. We hope to do this by articulating and disseminating our understandings of the Quran so that anyone may practise those principles in however manner they choose.  We hope to help humanity discover the earthly garden.

Our secondary vision is to have Quranism recognised as a legitimate form of Islam. At present, Quranism is seen as either heretical or worse still, totally irrelevant to Islamic discourse. Quranists ,we believe, have a legitimate claim to be recognised as a form of Islam. We will therefore promote Quranist Islam through our activities.


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  1. MesMorial

    Does this mean that Islam is a philosophy rather than an absolute view?


    There is only one form of Islam – the "others" are indeed philosophies that mix truth with falsehood. They are mixing in falsehood with Islam and presenting it as a religion. One day, the Quranists will become the same – they will have an approach all their own to the Quran, to reading the Quran, to implementing your life as a muslim, instead of leaving it to the individual as they claim because the power of group think is overwhelming. Wake up and smell the coffee – do not make this a philosophical organization – make this simply a da'wah org or a place of knowledge, but to promote a philosophy over another and call it another form of Islam is creating sects within Islam!! – That is my opinion – obviously others will disagree but if you are as open as you say you are then you will allow this post to be here so people see that there are muslims who dissent to this idea that yet another philosophy or approach has to be delineated.

  3. Asfora

    Salaam Aleykum JMP thanks for your comments. :) Yes, we like to promote the WATDIP concept – "We Agree To Disagree In Peace"! I don't see anything in the Quran about all having to think and act exactly the same – no "hive-mind" mentality here, alhamdulillah :) Let's go for Unity not Uniformity! Have you read Multiple Paths to Salvation ?

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